Nuestros alumnos del curso Pre-Intermedio (A2) de adultos han trabajado este curso los verbos modales de una manera muy creativa: aconsejando a los turistas que visiten Valladolid qué hacer para sacar el máximo partido a su visita. En esta entrada os dejamos los consejos de Jose María y Camino, y en la siguiente, los de Luis y Loli. ¡Esperemos que os gusten! 6MUNDIAL-w633-h272

José María

Dear Guiri, When you arrive in Valladolid, you should visit Campo Grande Park. But you mustn’t walk on the grass. Later you can visit a winery, but you must book your visit in advance. If the weather is good, you can swim in Pisuerga’s Beach, there might be a lot of people. Come to Valladolid, you will enjoy it!


When a guiri comes to Spain  he/she must be respectful and polite to Spanish people, to the place where she/he stays not to do in Spain what she/he would never be allowed to do in her/his Country. They must be respectful to monuments and their History. They shouldn’t drink in the street, they can’t walk naked or in a bathing suit down the street. When they ask for a beer in a bar they must remember that in Spain beer is drunk very cold, even in winter. Visitors should remember hot wine is not drunk here. In Castilla y León we have some of the best wines in the world as the «Ribera de Duero»; and this wine is drunk in a wine glass, never in a tumbler or a plastic cup. In this Region we have exquisite cuisine, for example, roast lamb, which shouldn’t be eaten with mustard or ketchup. In the terraces there are a lot of people in summer. We like going to bed late and we like to nap after a meal. We have one cup of coffee for breakfast and another one after we eat a copious meal. And we have dinner very late. People here are very friendly and we fondly welcome tourists. We drive on the right and the vehicle on the right always has right of way. Valladolid has an interesting cultural offer: museums, exhibitions, theatre, concerts…… It is a university city Dear guiri, You will always be welcome! d_caballeria_valladolid_t4700037.jpg_369272544]]>

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