Dear Guiri #2

En esta segunda entrega de Dear Guiri compartimos los consejos que nuestros alumnos adultos (nivel A2) Luis y Loli han elaborado para los turistas que vengan a España utilizando verbos modales.

Well done guys!

Loli: How to look Spanish


You should greet with two kisses, even when meeting someone for the first time. Spanish people kiss twice to show frankness and sincerity.



In Spain you can sleep a little after a meal. “Siesta” is very good for your health and it prevents stress.



If you go out to have drinks with a group of Spanish people, you will go to as many bars as the number of people in the group, until the turns of paying the rounds end. Imagine if there are more than 10 people… For Spanish people restaurants are for special occasions. The usual is to go “de tapas”. You should accept the idea of eating standing up, going to several bars and eating different things with their corresponding wines or beers. You won’t seem to be Spanish, if you don’t laugh and speak loudly.


You should forget about going to sleep at midnight. In Spain the night party begins at 12 pm and lasts until 6 am.



Luis: The Art of Tapear in Spain



The most popular tradition in Spain is going out for TAPAS, also known as PINCHOS. They are small portions of food that are served in bars throughout Spain. Normally, they cost less when they are served with a drink.

It is thought the tradition evolved from the practice of covering wine glasses with small plates of bread or cured ham. Tapas mix the concept of eating with socializing and the activity is called TAPEAR.

Bars serve as meeting places where friends or business acquaintances meet. They are an important business and they are generally key to success.

Most TAPAS BARS do not serve tables and people enjoy their TAPA standing at the bar´s counter. It is very common to visit various bars and to snack in each one until you have eaten enough.

It is also common to dine on RACIONES, large portions of any appetizer, which are usually shared among the group.

TAPAS are about four bites. There are many different categories of TAPAS including cold or hot food, small hot or cold sandwiches called MONTADITOS.

Nowadays there are bars that specialize in TAPAS which became a phenomenon known as miniature cuisine with gourmet chefs, such as Ferrán Adriá.